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Round Up – Winter 2020 Announced

1st November 2020

Reach OnAir is a radio station unlike any other.

Anyone from around the world can sign-up and join our broadcasting community. With an internet connection, access to a microphone and your favourite collection of music, you could be broadcasting live shows to our global listening audience tonight.

The Reach OnAir ‘Round Up’ is a quarterly event which celebrates a small selection of our amazing DJs. It’s run for both the broadcasting community and our listener community alike.

36 hours of amazing non-stop shows, from 36 different amazing Reach DJs - each broadcasting for 1 hour only. 'Top and Tailed' by the Reach Management.

We are pleased to announce that the Winter 2020 Round-Up will be taking place at the end of this month on November 28th and 29th.

Starting at 9am with a 'Kick Off' show, and ending around 9pm on Sunday 29th with a surprise filled management show, we’re excited to bring 36 hours of non-stop entertainment to the airwaves.

“The joy of Reach OnAir is its variety, on any given day the genre of music can range from pop to classical, country to dance, smooth classics to RnB”, says Craig Pilley, part of Reach OnAir’s management team . “The ‘Reach OnAir Round Up – Winter 2020’ is a celebration of this variety. With each DJ only broadcasting for 1 hour, it’s like a cereal variety pack of goodness for the entire weekend.”, he continued.

Key Dates:

  • Thursday, November 12th – Full Round Up Schedule Announced
  • Saturday, November 28th 09:00 – Kick off Show
  • Saturday, Nov 28th 10:00 – Sunday 29th 20:00 – The Round Up
  • Sunday, November 29th 20:00 – Closing Management Show

We look forward to having you join us for the Reach OnAir Round Up – Winter 2020!

It starts here, it starts now!