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NEW! Regular Scheduled Shows

7th June 2020

When Reach OnAir was launched we knew we needed to offer our audience something different. We set out to build a community of presenters and listeners that were the next generation of radio.

Today that ethos has not changed, Reach OnAir has outlived almost all other online-only radio stations, and continues to be a driving force of change in the industry.

A unique element of Reach OnAir is that allows anyone, from anywhere, on any operating system, to book a show on our busy schedule, at any time they want, and broadcast from a single stream, live and to the world.

That approach continues, BUT today we also launch a new feature allowing our Premium DJs to book a regular scheduled show (if they want to). We have found that our newer and also less experienced DJs can get a significant boost to their show if they can broadcast closely around a more established Reach OnAir DJ. For this reason we’re enabling our Premium DJs to book a regular slot on the schedule, to help build the experience for others and improve quality for all other members too.

If you know you’re free at 2pm every Tuesday, and want that slot, just make sure you’re a Premium member and start broadcasting with us! You can learn more about how the accounts types work here right here.