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New Presenter Promotional Branding

7th July 2020

Over the last month since the Reach OnAir relaunch we’ve seen a significant increase in the ways our presenters are communicating their shows with their own social audiences.

Many of the Reach OnAir presenters, including the 100 new presenters which have joined since the re-launch, use Facebook, Insta, Snapchat, Twitter and more to push their shows before they go live.

In addition the presenters have been keen to shout as to how you can listen to Reach OnAir.

For example not only can you tune-in on your phone via the Simple Radio & Tune-In apps, but all smart speakers now support Reach OnAir.

Today Reach OnAir are excited to release a suite of visual imaging that helps presenters and DJs alike promote their show, using a official Reach OnAir branded assets, in conjunction with their own designs.

Multiple templates, fitting all required social standards are included in the visual imaging pack. They are also available as flat images, and/or .PSD files for easy adaption into your own artwork.

Are you a Reach OnAir presenter? Head on over to your resources section to download today.