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Now Broadcast from PC or Mac

7th June 2020

For over 12 years Reach OnAir has allowed its broadcasters to book a show on the station’s busy schedule, and then present to a global audience. “Anyone, from anywhere” has been the mantra, and we’ve delivered on that.

However despite this flexibility and unique nature of the station’s approach, we’ve always struggled to accommodate our audiences who broadcast from Apple computers.

Well, not anymore!

Launching June 2020 you can now broadcast from your Windows Machine AND ALSO your Apple Machine, the choice is yours! We provide a simple 101 guide for setting up on any system, meaning within minutes anyone, from anywhere, on any operating system, can get up and running!

If you’ve never been able to broadcast on Reach OnAir because you’re a Mac user, why not learn more about Reach OnAir right here, and become a broadcaster today?