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Pre-Recorded Shows now possible!

7th June 2020

For many of us, before even a word is uttered on our live show, the thrill, the heart-racing adrenalin, is watching the counters tick down to 00:00…. At that point you are ONAIR & LIVE to the world!

For others however, that same thrill is gained by the absolute perfection of the perfect show. The mix, the perfect playlist, the journey of narration you take the audience on. A live show doesn’t always allow for this perfection to shine through, it caters for a different type of presenter; live shows can (and usually do) have the odd bump along the way.

We are very excited to introduce to you the latest feature on Reach OnAir, now you can upload a pre-recorded show and have it play out live on our schedule. Maybe you have perfected a 1-hour dance-mix, or you’ve mixed together a series of interviews, or maybe you simply cannot make this week’s show live – well we now cater for you.

Starting today you can upload a pre-recorded file to Reach OnAir and link that to a future booked show on the schedule. Our audience will not know you are pre-recorded, and you can present to the world exactly how you want.

If you would like to make-use of this fantastic feature, simply become a Premium member, and in addition you’ll have access to the full range of features available to you at Reach OnAir!