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Launching New Premium Plans

7th June 2020

Since Reach OnAir began over 12 years ago we have always offered the opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, to broadcast live to the world, for free.

And that does not change. Reach OnAir REMAINS FREE for anyone who wants to broadcast live to the world.

Yet as Reach OnAir has grown, we’ve always enabled our presenters to get more from the station they love. Today we are announcing that we are re-inventing the traditional “Loyalty” account, and upgrading it to “Premium”.

Premium accounts at Reach OnAir provide a full suite of new features for our DJs. From being able to schedule regular shows, broadcast pre-recorded shows, have automated show messages to social feeds, broadcast voice tracked shows, our Premium members are our VIPs.

With so many new features, as you’d expect we need to increase the price. Well, you’d expect wrong! Starting from June 2020 we’ve REDUCED the price of Loyalty from £8.50 to £4.99.

More features, more broadcasting, now 42% cheaper. Why not learn more about Reach OnAir right here?