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Global Listening: Smart Speakers

7th June 2020

To begin, let’s start with some perspective, Reach OnAir began when US President George W. Bush was still in power… that gives you some idea of how established Reach OnAir is in the world of Online Radio.

Another great way to look at it is by mobile phones. When ReachOnAir launched the Apple iPhone was only 1 year old, the Samsung Galaxy would not be invented for another year!

When we launched listening to online radio was limited to your desktop/laptop. Over the years we have had presenters and listeners share with us tales of the clever ways they connected up ReachOnAir to their car, listened on a non-smart-phone to Reach (via their phone) and more.

Well, that arc of creativity is needed no more (when it comes to listening to Reach), as from today, wherever you are, you can listen to Reach OnAir. Laptop, Desktop, Smart Phone, and now Smart Speaker too.

“Alexa, Play Reach OnAir”

“Ok Google…”

“Hey Siri…”

Whatever your devise you now have, you have the ability to tune into Reach OnAir from wherever you are. Learn more about setting up Reach OnAir on your smart speaker, right here