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Lee MillsLee Mills 1 week ago
Hey Guys had a great first show - will be back next week 10pm till midnight Join us :)
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wayne stuartwayne stuart 2 weeks ago
Wayne Stuart
I can't broadcast today, but i have booked some slots next week!! i'm buzzing to be back here at Reach :)
Sue RossSue Ross 3 weeks ago
I am enjoying being back on Reach On Air so very much! Fingers crossed the new internet set-up was steady after a shaky start last Friday. I had forgotten how terrifying it is to see that the connection had been lost in the middle of a show. But managed to log straight back on again, so all's well that ends well lol!
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Sue RossSue Ross 1 month ago
Well it is me again! After so many false starts, technical, family and health issues, I will finally be back on Reach On Air from New Year's Day onwards. I can't wait! I have missed being with you lovely lot so much. So Happy New Year to everybody and you will hear me on air x
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Ross PatzeltRoss Patzelt 3 months ago
New Sunday night show went really well. I was doing Facebook Live videos before but I think this mucked up my upload speed so not doing them anymore while on air and last night the show went perfect with no disconnections. Lots of listener interaction and the 3 hours really wizzed past! Cannot wait for my next show. I love putting my playlists together.
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Ross PatzeltRoss Patzelt 3 months ago
Hope you enjoyed the Halloween special I did the other night. It was great fun putting the show together with all different sound effects and music! I have tried doing Facebook live videos but the WiFi does it's not working too well but now have full internet speed to my 2 playout laptops so the radio setup is slowly getting better! So good to hear some new and old voices on Reach and nice to connect with you all on Facebook. I will keep spreading the word to get more people hearing us!
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Ross PatzeltRoss Patzelt 4 months ago
Loving my shows so much at the moment! I don't prepare too much just line up some songs and see what happens. So nice to see some of the old presenters popping up on the air over the last few weeks and hope they do more shows!
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Ross PatzeltRoss Patzelt 5 months ago
Hi everyone! Show is going really well. My kids are back at school now so I am getting back at doing a weekely radio show. It is so exciting coming up with ideas for the show. I was listening to another radio presenter Iain Lee talking about how he comes up with ideas for his show and he said he goes out for a really long walk and he comes up with stuff. I tried it today and it worked! I am always thinking of things that I see in the day and hear on other shows that make me laugh that I could use on the show. When I am not on air I am always thinking of stuff to do. Loving Reach.
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