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How to get involved (Step by Step)
It's Easy!
If you have a PC, access to any music you want and a desire to broadcast a radio show LIVE to the world - on 1 very popular station - you're ready to get involved! It's all explained below, or search around the site for more information. 2010 is your year to be known!
How to sign up
Steps to Take
  1. Click "Sign Up Now", fill in your details (there aren't many) and get your account!
  2. Follow the simple checklist in your new members area to download and install the free software and submit a sound test (we call it a Soundcheck)!
  3. Now head over to the Schedule (in your members area) and book your first show when you're free. It's that easy, and before long you'll find yourself OnAir broadcasting to a worldwide audience!
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