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Reach OnAir Schedule
Look below, see all those shows? Now look at the same time next week and you’ll notice we have a completely different set of entertainment on offer.

Welcome to the Reach OnAir schedule, and welcome to hours of fun we have each week. In fact over the last year we’ve had over 4500 hours of live shows from different presenters and personalities. That’s over 50,000 different tracks of music selected by individuals around the world resulting in a wealth of culture, experience and age all brought onto one station.

Ignoring the talk shows, competitions and games our presenters play you can begin to see why Reach OnAir is so popular. If you want to keep track of your favorite presenters download “Reach Reminder” in the goodies section, and then sit back, relax, tune in and enjoy the station – oh and if you get that urge, why not have a go yourself!

All show times below are based on UK time.
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Saturday 24th February 2018 This Week  |  Next Week
12am   Reach 4 The Weekend  
1am   Reach 4 Favourites  
2am   Reach 4 Chart Remixes  
3am   Reach 4 The Weekend  
4am   Reach 4 Favourites  
5am   Reach 4 Chart Remixes  
6am   Reach 4 A List  
7am   Reach 4 Favourites  
9am   Reach 4 A List  
11am   Reach 4 Favourites  
12pm   Reach 4 A List  
2pm   Reach 4 Favourites  
3pm   James Freir Show Info Request Repeat Visit Reach Room
5pm   Reach 4 Chart Remixes  
6pm   Reach 4 A List  
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Reach 4 Chart Remixes
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-Dancing Makes Us Brave (Original Mix)
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8pm On Air The Big Saturday Night Show
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