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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Music on Reach OnAir
Its hard to describe the music played on Reach OnAir. If we were to say it was just pop, wed miss out the rock, dance wed miss out the trance, Indie wed miss out the talk shows, and Goth wed miss out the metal... Can you see the predicament we have in describing the type of music here on Reach?
The reason for this unprecedented quandary is the way Reach is set up. We have more presenters than nearly all other radio stations and by far a wider spread in backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and music tastes. This means the music they choose to play really differs! It could be anything from a tune that is a popular choice to be used as a ring tone for mobile phones to Mozart, to heavy metal. We give our presenters complete freedom to pick the music that they want to play as long as it fits for a family audience. Not only does this offer a large amount of variety to the station but it also makes each and every show come from the heart and sole of the presenter (rather than from the wants and desires of a management team).

We have pride in the changing schedules meaning our listeners get to hear a range of music from across the world hour after hour after hour.

If you have a specific presenter who plays a specific genre youd like to follow, then why not add him to your Reach Reminder program (available under the goodies tab) so youll always know when hes live.

Our presenters will log the genre of their show which means in time youll be able to search the genres to seek the shows you like!

Alternatively, if theres a genre you think the station is missing, then sign up and have some fun presenting your own show!
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