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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Reach OnAir BlogDates are the blog entries written by our presenters, have a flick through below and, if they have a ReachRoom, click the link and have a look!
Kieron HadlingtonKieron Hadlington 10 years ago
It's suchhh a perfectt dayyy - Well it's 3:21am and i'm busy here at the Reachonair studio. Why? I hear you ask well It's because I'm slightly bored, an insomniac and because... well booking some show times for you to hear the fantastic set of music i have lined up whey :)! Been quite quiet on here recently, mostly because i've been very busy with other projects - however I shall return to Reachonair shortly. I am however doing small shows now an then. Anyway I better dash as I think I can hear Henry Churchill coming to set the burglar alarm for the studio *runs and hides*...
TCR FM MembersTCR FM Members 10 years ago
Haha Guess who!! Yes; Hannah again, and once again a day late. I was going to to this yesturday with Scott but we went erm... a little mental to say the least and forgot. If you heard yesturday's show; you'll know Scott has been promoted to Message Monkey, the chimpunks had another outing, and Dan choose a really random and VERY cheesy Song for my song we haven't heard in ages feature; SATURDAY NIGHT which turned my show cheesy Steps and Miley Cyrus after. I apologise for boring you all to death but nobody else wants to update you all! Hopefully it will be someone else next time! Hannah x
Rocco ThibodeauRocco Thibodeau 10 years ago
Well Folks, I have some news for you, After this upcoming set of shows this week, i will be on vacation for 2 weeks so no shows will air over that, time. Am Going back to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH for a week, and going some places around here for a week. I just want to wish my fellow on-air personalities on reach and my listeners a great summer. I am not going away forever, am only going on vaca for 2 weeks. my shows will return the week of 8/2/09. When I get back, i will post photos of my trip on my reachroom so go there when i get back and you will see photos of my vacation.
Visit My ReachRoom!
Tom HaczewskiTom Haczewski 10 years ago
One of my listeners proposed to his girlfriend on this evening's show! Quite a romantic show overall... it's not every day you witness something like that and I feel somewhat privileged to have been a part of it... finished up with 311 - Love Song, perfect end to a lovely show. Thanks to everyone that managed to tune in.

I'm back on the Selection Box on Sunday from 5pm - 8pm, and there's no show the following week as I'm at a wedding (but not Andy & Julia's!!). Take care!
Fancy DanFancy Dan 10 years ago
Think it's about time I updated My Blogdate, You can now E-mail me on shout@reachonair.com if you want to advertise your show on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace, Loving my 2 hour Weekly slot on a Thursday, Make sure you Check it out 10pm-Midnight.

Shameless Plug Over!

No really give Reach a go, You'll love it!
Craig RyanCraig Ryan 10 years ago
Over the last few weeks, I have presented loads of shows on reachonair, but they have not been as mad as the last 3, I received another listner award, I now have a Princess Producer, who keeps me on track and picks lots of the music, folks keep the messages and the request alive by emailing me craig(at)reachonair.com
TCR FM MembersTCR FM Members 10 years ago
Hello everyone, Hannah here; AGAIN. I have a feeling this will only get updated if I do it so even though its a Sunday I think this needs updating as nobody did yesterday!
Yesterday was mad; Aaron made a surprise appearance, Martin came, did something on the computer and left and obviously Dan, Scott and Rob were here! Unfortunatly i was working during Robs show so cant comment on that but Scott's was hyper as usual and mine even more so. Erica is off sunning her self in California so hi if your reading!

Hopefully someone else will update this next week! Save me a job!
Bye for now Folks! xxx
Keith Blease-BourneKeith Blease-Bourne 10 years ago
Sounds of 1971... Wednesday 8th July at 8pm UK Time. The full chart run-down of a particular year. This week it’s all the number ones of 1971 plus a little bit more. For dedications and your memories of 1971 send a message during the show. www.reachonair.com. I’m really looking forwards to it, I hope you are!!!

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