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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Reach OnAir BlogDates are the blog entries written by our presenters, have a flick through below and, if they have a ReachRoom, click the link and have a look!
Ollie HandOllie Hand 10 years ago
Well, what a weekend I've had! Went to the TCR FM Open Day and met Dan who showed me the studio (which is a lot smaller than it looks on the webcam!). I also met Erica who interviewed me on air, but then who should arrive but Chico! Yes, THE Chico! From the X-Factor! Erica did a wonderful job handling such an impromptu interview- you can see the video by clicking the TCR FM link at the bottom of the Reach Website.

Anyway, back to Reach and I have a brand new show starting on Friday called Ollie Hand's Indie Night, playing alternative classics and current indie hits. Don't miss out!
Visit My ReachRoom!
Craig RyanCraig Ryan 10 years ago
Well show hour 36 complete, loads of technical issues over the last month, have got rid of that issue and the qaulity of sound has improved. the last 3 hour show that we done on saturday night was so crazy had lots of messages from holiday reps all over the place, we had thomson the bear from thomsonthebear.com, just crazy, I would like to thank everyone that keeps the show going and those people will be more involved in our show over the next few months those people are Me, Jason, Bryan, Jane from time to time and my Princess Producer, who keeps us all under control (your the best x )
TCR FM MembersTCR FM Members 10 years ago
Erica here again.
Well what an eventful open day we had here in Tamworth!
It all started off with Dan broadcasting to the youth center; then we added Sam, Scott & me also on Reach. Ollie Hand came in to visit us too which was good, it's always nice to meet fellow Reach presenters. We had a lot of people come & see what we were up to - potential Dj's I hope!
If that wasn't enough X factor's Chico made a surprise entrance so I got to interview him! I felt like the celebrity with about 20 others all in the studio! We are going to get the interview uploaded soon :)
Mayhem! Thanks for listening x
DJ Mike ClarkeDJ Mike Clarke 10 years ago
Well, I just did my second show here on ReachOnAir! The mixing and everything was good I thought, I did have a couple slip-ups but whatever, still had fun. Unfortunately, with 5 minutes left of my show I was gonna end it with my boy, DJ Stereohood's "Vertigo", and the power cut off! >:o Thank God it was at the end of my show, though! Lol I was a little disappointed but shrugged it off. I've got two more today, so hopefully things will go smoother. Well, that's all for now, later!
TCR FM MembersTCR FM Members 10 years ago
It's Erica here taking over the blog for this week.
This was my first week back after being on holiday, & I really enjoyed it! - Just confirms the fact that this is the career I want. :)
Thank you for all the emails & messages they always make the show more interesting.
Me & Hannah were also eating smarties for most of the show despite the 'No food or drink' sign in the studio ha ha!
Next week TCR are having an Open day here at the youth center in Tamworth. Listen from 12pm to hear all the news & most of the presenters from here.
That's all from me! x
DCDC 10 years ago
Well, Since starting on reach in January 2009 I must say I am enjoying my presenting. The Brass Band and Christians Awake are going from strength to strength with listeners from USA, UK and China that I know of.
May I say not bad for someone who has just started doing Radio in January, and so I hope that you all will continue to tune-in to any of the show's that I will be doing whether it be Pop, Christian or brass.
Thank You so much
AlAl 10 years ago
Well, I did my first show in a few months recently and I was a bit rough at it! I hope I can tighten things up by the time I get back on the air. See you soon everyone!
Craig RyanCraig Ryan 10 years ago
One more day before my Birthday bash show, though my birthday was on Tuesday, I have had a bit to think about, what do I do before I want to get to 30. Have thought about that, and here is what I am thinking, just live each day as it come grab everything by the ears(you can swap ears to something else), and get on with it, the last 6 months of my life has been so unreal but so good, doing shows on reach some time 5 hours a week, met so many fantastic people, and family love them loads, the only thing that im gonna ask for is the my ISP fix my speed issues and allow me to help keep reach alive.

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