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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Reach OnAir BlogDates are the blog entries written by our presenters, have a flick through below and, if they have a ReachRoom, click the link and have a look!
Craig WrightCraig Wright 10 years ago
Hello Guys an Galls of Reach On Air.
My names Craig Wright i am 20 years old from South Wales in the UK. I am a local FM radio presenter an Loads of experiance with Internet Radio Presenting / Djin

Got my first ever show with Reach tommorrow Night from 10PM Please tune in as you wont be disapointed.I will be playing songs from the 1960s to the presant day. Please tune in an keep the requests coming in

Chow for now
Craig Wright
El JEl J 10 years ago
So I've started broadcasting again on Reach, have you heard? I was worried that there maybe a different feel to all my shows but they seem to be all good so far. Hopefully you all feel the same.
Unfortunatly my latest show was marred by the dreaded manflu (I'd only recently recovered from dropping a wrestling ring on my fader finger, what's next I ask you?) so my focus wasn't as there as it could possibly have been. Should be back to full stength by my next show.
Drop by my Reachroom and let me know what you think of my shows sometime. I'd love to hear feedback. Keep an eye out for me.
El J
Sian NichollsSian Nicholls 10 years ago
Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed my first show, here on Reach as much as I did presenting it. Nerves kicked in but settled into the swing of things pretty quickly. Would love to hear your feedback on the show. Keep a look out for future shows! :)

Ollie HandOllie Hand 10 years ago
You might have noticed I'm not on air so much at the moment; it's often been because of frankly frustrating technical glitches, plus I'm very busy with my theatrical commitments at the moment!

So, my next few shows are Saturday 19th Sept, which will be as normal (whatever that may mean), then on Tuesday 22nd Sept myself and Phill Thorne attempt another Indie Breakfast following the technical disaster that was the last one, and finally on Sunday 27th Sept I look forward to my week of treading the boards by dropping a few showtunes into my show. It's a bit different, so why not?
Visit My ReachRoom!
Aaron and ChrisAaron and Chris 10 years ago
Wow what a fun show Aaron and me had on Monday! Thanks to all of you who tuned in to our mad 3 hour bank holiday special!

First hour was done all on CD's while Aaron was busily trying to fix the playout PC! But the crowning moment came 10 seconds before starting the second hour - whilst I was trying to load up the first song, Aaron urgently said "Can you hear that annoying buzzing noise?", after I agreed he replied with "Annoying isn't it"!! What an great important insight that was!!

Hope you can join us on our next show!

Visit My ReachRoom!
TCR FM MembersTCR FM Members 10 years ago
Hallor! Tiz Hannah and Erica here blogging together via the power that is MSN!

In the TCR studio today we had Alex with a show hijacked by Jeff, US and Dan.

Well what can we put about our show... first off we apologise for boring people to death with long, and in some cases geeky, links. Erica turned up with a post-clubbing voice and we danced to S Club's song Reach (check out the webcam image on our reach room!) and we think we scared alex by having a random conversation off air during dan's show about defrosting bread!

Well thats about all we can say for today. See you soon reachers!! xx
TCR FM MembersTCR FM Members 10 years ago
Erica has taken over the blog this week!
Hannah, Scott & Sonia started things off with a crazy two hour show - along with Hannah asking why you would put a plug in the bath... (she thought the electrical type!) Followed by me & Leigh Last - more visitors from Reach! We had loads of emails so thanks for all of them :) Dan ended our slot in between being a photographer (take a look at the photos on our reach room 106). Next week me, Scott & Hannah have 2 hours of what I cannot actually begin to describe.. Just don't miss it. x
Brandon TiddBrandon Tidd 10 years ago
Wow... what a crazy couple weeks its been - being sick and having tornadoes around during your show doesn't make it easy - and when you have technical glitches on top of it all, let's just say it's been interesting... but fun! Thanks to the good people at DontMissThatCall.com, I've been able to continue broadcasting on Reach, and have really had to step up my game! Hopefully by the time I do my next show I will be feeling better, the weather will hold and my computer will cooperate. Until then, don't forget to check out my sponsor's website: DontMissThatCall.com, never miss a call again! :)
Visit My ReachRoom!

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