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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Great show last night but blimy my laptop decided to play up as i use it to do my show as my home computer males to much humm noise, but evan due to technical hitches it went out alright played some great tunes that i have not heard in a long time,i played a bit of werid al yankovich as a comedy slot i laughed so much i forgot to que the next song any way, i think i will find some more rare dance stuff for my next show plus i have found a great bit of comedy again catch me next Saturday bye for now Waggy
Sam WoodwardSam Woodward 9 years ago
After doing 3 shows live on Reach, I would like to formally apologize to the Reach management and community for my tantrum. I missed the sensation that comes with broadcasting, even though I don't know how many people I'm broadcasting to; the fact is I enjoyed it. I will be staying with Reach for definite and hope you can all accept my apology, so we can all move on and get back to what we do best. Broadcasting!
Peter FrenchPeter French 9 years ago
It was my first show back after being away in hospital for a while, so I was a bit rusty and a few tech problems at my end, as hadn't quite got the setup correct since not done broadcasting for ages but went well will iron out the problems and hopefully have a brill show for you to lisen into when i am on next
Brandon TiddBrandon Tidd 9 years ago
Just wrapped up another exciting addition of the Music Zone, with special guest UK based Rock Band Ginger Bald! I was just amazed someone was actually listening to my show, and using Skype I was actually able to put them on my show live! You can find more about them online here: http://www.wix.com/gingerbald/gingerbald or you can listen to the interview as it unfolded live on the air by going to: http://www.eastatlanticradio.net/Interview.mp3 They are going to be touring Ireland soon so stay tuned. More to come, but for now, thanks to everyone who listened - see ya next time on the MZ! :-)
Visit My ReachRoom!
Phill TPhill T 9 years ago
Every so often I look at Reach and think how lucky I am. Not leastly because I've met some really nice people through it, people who will be friends for life, but also because its given me the chance to get back to probably one of the few things in my life thats been constant over the past 20 years (give or take a few months).

I'm going to be taking a back seat again soon, one or two other projects in the fire, but I'll still be around, still listening, still messaging and still enjoying what is such a unique environment to be part of.

This place is fun, keep it so, dont take it too serious!
RobVRobV 9 years ago
Been a while since i've done one of these, been a hectic couple of months. What with family, moving jobs and setting up a complete studio. The studio is finally finished and cant wait to put it to the test. Hope everyone is well. :d
KeithPevKeithPev 9 years ago
The 2nd of my folk shows tonight will be my 18th show - boy how time flies. I'm still learning loads of stuff about technique, presenting style, content mix, techinical setups and lots of other things.

Everyone has been very supportive and has
1. Made me very welcome and
2. Given lots of words of advice and encouragement.

I'm busy planning a couple of special shows to celebrate a couple of historic events coming up in Nov/Dec. Lots to look forward to :-)
El JEl J 9 years ago
Before today's show I was weighing up whether or not it was worth keeping going with this effort as it seemed that there was some karmic force trying to stop Between the Ropes UK from going to air. To be fair this show had a few hitches, most notably the advertised guest was unreachable leaving me with a complete unknown as a guest. However the whole format seems to be clicking into place.

All is well and I'm looking to really take this format forward. If you have any views on the show then I would love to hear from you. I've some great guests lined up for the near future so watch this space.

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