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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
2 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
2 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Fancy DanFancy Dan 9 years ago
Well How about that! Tonight was my 300th Hour On Reach Onair and i'm still loving every minute of it! Thanks to all the Listeners in the Past 2 And a half years!

Cheers!! Here is to my 400th Hour! :)
KimoKimo 9 years ago
Wow... Finally back in the saddle again. I have moved my studio back home and I hope I can get back to my show schedule. Since moving the studio to my music store/school I've had no time to do any shows (why stay at work to do a reach show when you have been there 8 hours already). So far, so good. It was way easier at home in the mornings before I head to "work". See you all again this Saturday and Sunday mornings for The Aloha Saturday Show and Jim's Basement - LIVE.

Jim "Kimo Lonala" Samuelson
LJ the DJLJ the DJ 9 years ago
Excellent 30th Birthday Bash tonight with DJ Rocco from Syracuse, New York at the Barrel Room in North Canton, Ohio. I want to thank Kyrie for Promoting our show during her show 1 hour prior to our launch and I also want to thank Rocco for his time and efforts. Rocco did a wonderful job and everyone was pleased. Thank you very much Rocco. Look for our Morning Shows!
DJ Leo BeeDJ Leo Bee 9 years ago
In an hour, I will be doing my 542nd show here on ReachOnAir. It has been great being with you all on air. Passing through the 500th show timeline, I feel that I should be more interactive with the world out there and hence, the need for realtime chat during my show. So please join and chat with me REALTIME using your Facebook Twitter AIM or MySpace account @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dj-leo-bee-mixing
Ollie HandOllie Hand 9 years ago
I don't know, really...! I turn my back for a couple of weeks and come back to find new jingles and another little something special- the prospect of being paid! What a wonderful idea! And so, I've just finished my first R-PRO show. I'll tell you what, it keeps you on your toes, especially when you realise it's about 40 minutes in and you're only played two of your five ads! I'm sure we will all get used to it, if only to reap the benefits- and I'm thinking if I release my cash around Christmas I'll have a nice little pay packet!
Visit My ReachRoom!
KeithPevKeithPev 9 years ago
Did my first show with R-Pro last night. Not as painful as I was expecting. I took the approach to top & tail each hour with a sweeper and spread the other three evenly(ish) over the hour. I chose the MWS media sweepers and they are a bit 'Heart FM' for my taste BUT I don't think distracted from the show as I managed to tie them up with some more up tempo songs - and I even used the imortal words "coming up right after this message" :-)

We could probably do with a bit more variety of sweepers i.e. some more mellow but all in all not a bad experience. and £2 in the pot :-)
Jason FlavellJason Flavell 9 years ago
Ok so iv been around on Reach a little while and listened for ages and have always wanted to broadcast and could have if my laptop was working and if i had stereo mix on this computer. The only way i could be able to DJ is to buy the Behringer podcast studio as far as i knew. So yesterday i bought that and i am very looking forward to start here in the next week or so. As far as i know there isn't many 17 year olds here so hopefully i will be able to add something different. But until then I'l see you soon :)
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Great show last night but blimy my laptop decided to play up as i use it to do my show as my home computer males to much humm noise, but evan due to technical hitches it went out alright played some great tunes that i have not heard in a long time,i played a bit of werid al yankovich as a comedy slot i laughed so much i forgot to que the next song any way, i think i will find some more rare dance stuff for my next show plus i have found a great bit of comedy again catch me next Saturday bye for now Waggy

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