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New Forum PostCheesy FM - A fun station on DAB.
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostIntroduce 30 min, 90 min slots?
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostRob Rymond
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

Forum PostChallenge Tuesday!
Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Aaron BennettAaron Bennett 7 years ago
I have been doing some production for the show today, I got several jingles that I will proberbly use including one of Richard Wilson singing Happy Birthday. (I don't beleeeeeeeeeeeeive it!) Anyway it sounds hillerious with what I have mixed it with. Got you guessing? Tune in to find out what I mixed it with! (think of Morcombe and Wise in the kitchen scene!)

Also, I now have a email addres so if you have ideas for the shows email: aaron.bennett@reachonair.com. I am now also on twitter as well @ajbennett.

By the way, I am on air tonight from 8pm so don't forget to tune in!

Ollie HandOllie Hand 7 years ago
I think I need to apologise..I expect that at the end of my last show back at the beginning of July I probably said something along the lines of "I'll be back next week", only to disappear from the schedules ever since!

So, sorry for the mysterious disappearance, I'm afraid real life is getting in the way of doing radio shows at the moment but I will be back soon; in the meantime I'll by enjoying my new duties as a mentor, happy to help wherever I can!
Visit My ReachRoom!
Aaron BennettAaron Bennett 7 years ago
So, three shows now and I think I am gettig the hang of Reach! I have had a really warm welcome so far and am loving being part of the reach family.

I have loads of great shows coming up, such as Friday Night Live Gold and the Midweek Show, so if you get a chance to tune in, please do so - would be good to have your company.

Also, keep an eye on my Reach Room for what is coming up on the show and loads of photos of my shows!

If you have any ideas for the shows, feel free to leave a message on my whiteboard in my Reach Room!

Best Wishes
Aaron Benett
The Music KnightsThe Music Knights 7 years ago
Meeting a celebrity is a bit of a daunting experience, however, this week we are due to have Ray Dorset from Mungo Jerry on the show, famous for their sunshine hit of "In The Summertime".

Exclusive to Reach OnAir, we'll be broadcasting live on Friday 20th July in the evening, and we really want to make the most of having Ray on.

The guy has worked with Fleetwood Mac, wrote songs for Elvis, collaborated with Shaggy, and is still touring like crazy!

If you have any questions you want us to ask, get in touch via our Reach Room which is http://www.reachroom.com/900 and we'll ask it to him!
Will ShearsWill Shears 7 years ago
The Will Shears Show TEAM Is now trying to DO shows every week at random times on the schedule we have done so much work on the show and have some great features still to come after testing the studio out and trying all sorts of software and features we have a brand new format to our shows. We hope you enjoy it and let us know if you want to help out with the will shears show team theirs always work to do!
Ollie HandOllie Hand 7 years ago
So it's been a busy old time of late as I put it upon myself to put together the Reach Reunion, bringing back some old names from Reach's early days. It's a great way to celebrate 4 years on air! Big thanks to everyone who came back to do a show, in particular those sticking around for more, and also to Aaron and Craig for their huge help.

My next little project is another blast from the past! The Britpop Years returns for a one-off special, the 'Britpop Bank Holiday' on Monday at 7pm, playing the best of British 90's indie.

So Happy Birthday Reach, and here's to at least 4 more years!
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Paul BodmanPaul Bodman 7 years ago
So I'm returning to Reach On Air after a long time away from net radio! This Sunday (3rd) I'll be taking part in the Reach Reunion, which also falls of course on the weekend of the Jubilee, so I'll be bringing you two hours of the best of British Rock, taking you through time from the 50s to today! See you at 3, and don't forget to listen to the rest of the shows across the weekend ;)
Carl RichardsCarl Richards 7 years ago
It's the station's birthday tomorrow so join me for the Quick Quiz Show from 3pm; with some other old-timers before me throughout the day!

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