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Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Posted by AsterickJones
3 years ago

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Aaron BennettAaron Bennett 7 years ago
OK, I've been back and two to the Hospital again, been to theatre and back, but still here... thank goodness! Anyway, I was shocked to see Mr Blobby get to No.1 in the Take Control Chart and i promise that's on my ban list of tracks to play; after I totally made a fool of myself getting that to no 1!

Meanwhile.. I am still chucking the great tunes out on air and I hope you are enjoying my shows. I am now doing the a - Z of Pop live , so be sure to check that out when I am live and also all my other great programmes! (FNL, The Midweek Show, Nice n' Easy and Late Night Love)

Sam SmetteSam Smette 7 years ago
Hello! I noticed recently that I hadn't blogged in 3 months. This just won't do, so I have given myself a firm slap on the wrists.

"Whats new then?" I hear you ask. Well briefly, the Weekend Wind Down is still going strong, with some new audio (jingles & idents to go with!). Also hosting The Chill Zone on Thursdays from 9pm, more on this to come.

I've upgraded my home studio to be more beneficial, a mixer with extra channels, a new microphone and recently upgraded the studio computer.

Finally in some other good news, Reach has led me to a new post on my hospital station which I am loving!
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Carl SimsCarl Sims 7 years ago
That's the broadcast software sorted out now all I need is to get ready for sound check which will up done soon and then first shows soon Can Not Wait
Aaron BennettAaron Bennett 7 years ago

well, it has been a very busy couple of weeks. last week, I had a few pre records go out, owing that I was at the National Hospital Radio awards; where I had a few too many to drink!

I now have my playout system fixed and it is now pre-configured to cut most of the gaps in the audio, which is good! While I was at it; I sorted the wiring from behind the desk.

Don't forget that I also have done a video tour of my studio, which you can watch on the Reach Facebook group.

Have a very happy and safe Easter and don't eat too much chocolate eggs!

Aaron Bennett
Ross PatzeltRoss Patzelt 7 years ago
Just finished 4 hours of prep for this Fridays Shuffle marathon! I've got an hour of just 90's dance tunes from my dance folder of my archive then its into 3 hours of brand new shows playing all my archive on shuffle.

I am enjoying putting these shows together for you guys to enjoy and I am trying to stick them all on the same day whether they are pre recorded or not.

I may have some big news on my live show on Friday too as we go for our scan so I will reveal to my lovely listeners the sex of our new baby live on air! I can't wait!
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Carl SimsCarl Sims 7 years ago
Right most of the equipment is now here. That's the easy part. Now to set it all up. That's the hard part
Ross PatzeltRoss Patzelt 7 years ago
Been very busy this week with lots of new ideas buzzing around my head for ideas for shows. I've recorded 3 shows already this week. 1 live and 2 pre recorded to be played out and another live show for Friday. I think in the future I am going to do 2 live shows on a Friday and then 2 hours pre recorded to play out in the early hours of the morning when the schedule is a little quieter. I am loving doing these shows on Reach as the management trusts us and that we prepare the shows ourselves where as alot of stations would never give you the freedom to do stuff like we can.Nice to try out ideas
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Owen AndrewOwen Andrew 7 years ago
After taking a year off from broadcasting, it's great to be back on Reach OnAir with Remember The 80s! The first show had a few gremlins, but now they've been sorted out I'm looking forward to being on air every week.

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