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Account types…
There are now three accounts you can have with Reach OnAir. For full details about what you can get with each account, see the table at the bottom of the page.
Reach Free
Free We understand that not everyone is able to sign up to Reach Loyalty account and receive all the benefits of Reach OnAir and some people might want to try Reach out first.

For these very reasons we have created a Reach Free membership account that allows you to broadcast twice a month on the station.

There are limitations to this account and you won’t be able to enjoy all the benefits of Reach loyalty, but if you just want to try Reach out to start with…then why not give it a go?
Reach Loyalty Lite
Loyalty Lite The Loyalty Lite account is exactly the same as the Loyalty account but lacks the use of the Station Pot.

Now the station pot is a very popular feature for our broadcasters who use their own credits to book shows and then carry on broadcasting even more shows by dipping into the station tokens we offer up each week.

The station pot allows Loaylty Broadcasters to have near enough as many hours OnAir as they want each week. But if you still want ReachRoom, enter the weekly challenges, get rewards, win add-on's, promote your show, present outside broadcasts and cumulate your credits from the 3 you get each week and never worry about your account going inactive if you take a holiday then this account is for you!
Reach Loyalty
Loyalty We want to show our thanks for all our loyal members and therefore we offer a large amount of behind and in front of the scenes services to make your broadcasting experience easy, professional and enjoyable.

From the Broadcaster Promotions and ReachRoom to advertise yourself and shows, to the ability to earn more credits and take part in challenges, it’s all there for you. Just take a look at the table below to see what is on offer for both accounts:
Reach Loyalty Trial
Loyalty Trial We understand that broadcasters might not want to set up a subscription straight away, which is why we're giving you the chance to try it for the small amount of £3.50 for 2 weeks, and after that time you have the choice to upgrade to the full account to continue.

You get all the priviledges of the Loyalty account, so what are you waiting for!
Get This Account!
Loyalty Lite
Get This Account!
Loyalty Loyalty Trial
Get full account!
Or try it first!
Price Free! £5.99 per month £8.50 per month
- OR -
£3.50 to try for 2 weeks
Presenter Credits 2 per month 3 per week 3 per week
Access to Station Tokens Cross Cross Tick
Cumulative Credits Cross Tick
(12 max)
(12 max)
Access to Station Imaging Basic Access Full Access Full Access
Use of Reach OnAir Competition System Cross Tick Tick
Allowed to present Outside Broadcasts Cross Tick Tick
Co-presenting Allowed Tick
(Not with a free member)
Tick Tick
Ability to use Skype and other VOIP systems Tick Tick Tick
Account will always stay active Cross Tick Tick
Create your own ReachRoom Cross Tick Tick
Earn points and awards with Reach Rewards Cross Tick Tick
Purchase discounted 'add ons' for your account Cross Tick Tick
Promote your show (broadcaster promotions) Cross Tick Tick
Enter, win and have fun with Reach Challenges Cross Tick Tick
Use a Webcam on Reach OnAir Tick Tick Tick
  Go Free! Go Loyalty Lite! Go Full Loyalty! Go Try It!
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