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It's a bit like facebook and twitter...but on reach!

With ReachRoom we’re not really trying to rival Facebook or Twitter, that would be silly, but what we are trying to do is offer a unique radio social networking system for the presenters and listeners of Reach OnAir.

Every Reach Loyalty member gets their own ReachRoom. This is a page on the Reach Network that is theirs and they can do (within reason) what they like with. You’re able to choose your very own room number which will be yours for as long as you stay with us. You’re also able to choose the colours, add information about your shows, update your playlists, and lots lots more.

Here are some cool things you can do:
Just for fun, or to use on your show, you can add a voting poll to your ReachRoom and allow both listeners and presenters alike the opportunity to vote.
Message Board
All ReachRoom members are able to leave messages for each other at any time. When the presenter is live onair, for an hour before, during and after the show anyone (even if they don’t have an account) can leave a message!
The Presenter can make special announcements (maybe they have a special show) which all ReachRoom viewers can see on the community home page!
Number of Shows, your picture, your webcam pics, next on, age, location etc can all be added to ReachRoom!
Like with other SN sites, over time ReachRoom will have more and more features added to it!
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