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Why does Reach Work so well?
Setting the Scene
We all know there are thousands of internet radio stations out there, we also all know that everyone loves slightly different types of music to the next person so why is Reach OnAir so special?
How It Works
What Makes Us Different?
  • Our presenters come from all over the world, and range from first timers seasoned professionals.
  • We allow anyone the chance to pick up a microphone and become a radio DJ.
  • Our radio schedule is not set which means every day, every hour is different from the last.
  • We don't have a rule on what music can be played, this means you can enjoy a diverse range of cultures, tastes and experiences.
  • People listen to us for variety and to escape the boring blend of commercial radio.
  • You can be set up to DJ a live show to the world within minutes of signing up.
  • All our systems are built in-house which means we don't make you rely on third party software.
  • We don't run any adverts during the hour of broadcast, which means each show is individual and uninterrupted.
In a way Reach OnAir is like a supermarket all the choices and variety of music under one roof, no need to visit any other store in the highstreet!
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