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All the other questions you may be wandering…
Some bits of information arn't lucky enough to get their own page, so here's a page dedicated to answering a few questions...
Further Questions
How do I listen?
On the top of every page of the main site you will see the option to listen to the station. All you need to do is click and listen via our easy web player. We also provide a “live player” which is a piece of software you can download and listen from your desktop. It is also possible to listen to the station on your mobile phone or through a WI-FI Radio!
Do you have a Chat Room or Forum?
Yes! We have a forum that can be found in the community section, please come along and chat with our current members.
Is it all legal?
Yep, we cover all the licensing fee's and do all the paper work so all you have to do is concentrate on broadcasting some great, entertaining shows! All we ask is for you to let us know what tracks you've played during your show so we can fill in the admin stuff properly; but don't worry, we provide a very easy form for you to submit this to us on too!
What operating system does Reach OnAir work on?
You can listen to Reach OnAir on any operating system, however you can currently only broadcast using a Windows machine. Apple Mac users may wish to run Windows on their Mac using “Boot Camp” to broadcast from their machine.
What are and how can I use the goodies?
The goodies are a selection of free, well, goodies, that will help you spice up your computer and online experience. We have web banners, desktop background and screensavers to name a few. You can download these from the goodies section and use them to make you stylish. We have also put the t-shirts in the goodies section so you can wear Reach around…
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