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Features in detail…
Station Imaging
Imaging ‘Reach Loyalty’ members get complete access to all Reach OnAir imaging, including sung imaging. Reach Free members have access to a very select choice of imaging to introduce the members to the idea of playing imaging on their show.
Outside Broadcasts, VOIP/Skype, Co-Presenting, Webcams
OBs, VOIP, Co-Presenting, Webcams As long as you do the necessary sound checks to make sure the quality is up to scratch you’re free to broadcast a live concert, present with a group of friends (or Reach friends), take make phone calls, and even show you’re ugly mug on the website (note: for legal reasons we must say we are not really calling you ugly)
Account Stays Active
Affiliate Program That's right, don’t worry about if you go on holiday, as long as you are a Reach Loyalty member your account will stay active, whether or not you have time to broadcast shows one month. Reach Free members must broadcast at least once every two months or their account will be given to someone on the waiting list!
Technical Support
Affiliate Program We want to make sure we can help you with any technical questions you might have. For that reason we're here to help! We provide a technical team that can answer any of your questions and make sure your shows sound professional!

Broadcaster Promotions
Promotions Get your show promoted by advertising yourself right on the front page. You can choose a background image, title and description and we’ll let the listener know when you're next onair and give them the option to add you to Reach Reminder!
E-mail If you want an @reachonair.com e-mail address then don’t delay in getting this Add On. You can choose between either a Pop3 or Forwarder.
Reach Rooms
Reach Room All Loyalty members get the chance to have their very own space on Reach OnAir - we call it a Reach Room (clever huh?). We are trying to offer a unique radio social networking system for the presenters and listeners of Reach OnAir. You’re able to choose the colours, add information about your shows, update information, and lots and lots more.
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