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How do the ‘credits’ work?
First thing to know is that there are "credits" and "tokens":

Credits Presenter Credits – These are your own credits in your own account. You get some every week and you can win more from completing challenges and competitions.
Tokens Station Tokens – These are tokens available to every Reach Loyalty member. Station Tokens get put in the station pot!
As a REACH LOYALTY member:
  • Every week you get 3 "Presenter Credits" which you can use to book radio shows on the Reach OnAir Schedule.
  • All slots cost 1 credit each.
"Presenter Credits" continue to be added up to a maximum of 12 credits on your account at a time
And what are the "Station Tokens"?
The station has a pot of tokens it will release each week to all of its Reach Loyalty members. This pot (released at a random time on a Thursday) will allow presenters the chance to book as many shows as they want (on a first come first served basis, where there are free slots) and WILL NOT use up your ‘Presenter Credits’. This means the schedules can fill up where the demand is present!
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