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How do I book a show?
When you want to book a show you log into your members area and from there just follow the links inside! We do however have a few different booking times!
Advanced Booking opens at 12:30am on a Monday (i.e. every Sunday Night, when it is now!). At this point everyone is able to spend 1 "Presenter Credit" - and only 1 "Presenter Credit". This means only one show can be booked per person.

Normal Booking opens at 7:00am on a Monday and people can spend all their "Presenter Credits" how they wish.

Examples of how you could spend your credits if you had 3 in your account:
  • You could book a 1 hour show for a Tuesday night during Advanced Booking and then a 2 hour weekend slot during Normal Booking.
  • You could book a 1 hour show for a Wednesday morning during Advanced Booking then a 2 hour show on a Thursday Afternoon when Normal Booking opens.
  • If you want to go to bed early you could save your 3 "Presenter Credits" for a Monday morning and then book a three hour show during a weekday thanks to Normal Booking!
But that’s not all!
The Station Tokens - ‘Station Pot’
Tokens Once everyone has had a good amount of time to spend their "Presenter Credits" on the first four days of the week - on Thursday at a random time Reach OnAir will release the "Station Tokens" from a special secret pot. Depending on how many bookings there have been that week Reach will release a set amount of these "Station Tokens". Any Reach Loyalty member (even if they have used up their own "Presenter Credits") can book as many shows as they want, on a first come first served basis, without using up their own "Presenter Credits" and thus allowing the schedules to fill up even more!
Reach Challenges!
Challenges On a Tuesday Reach OnAir will also release one or two challenges for all the broadcasters to have fun with that week. This might be an individual or group challenge. For example “The Show with the most alliteration in its name” or "A 5 hour morning of chilled shows on a Tuesday”. Presenters can team up in the forum, ReachRoom, IM programs and if the challenges are completed then the presenters who took part in them will win bonus "Presenter Credits" and a reward in their ReachRoom. These ‘Presenter Credits’ will be dished out as soon as the challenge is complete! Sometimes, depending on the challenge, there might be an even bigger prize for our winners!
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