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What is Reach OnAir?
The Basics
Reach OnAir is an Internet Radio station that gives you the opportunity to become a Radio DJ. As long as you have a PC, the Internet, some music and any microphone (if you want to talk) - Reach OnAir lets you broadcast live radio shows to our worldwide audience with no fuss.

We provide you with all the tools you need (Software - Jingles, Backing Beds - Promotion) and you book shows on our schedule when you're free each week - then broadcast a live show to the world.
About Reach OnAir
For the Broadcaster
  • You can broadcast a live radio show to real listeners worldwide.
  • No hassle, we provide all the tools to get you started.
  • Your diary is always changing, so can your show times! Book shows when you're free!
  • Get feedback, messages and requests straight to your inbox.
  • Learn your trade, improve your skills, it will help you move onto FM/ Digital.
For the Listener
  • Radio like none other, new personalities, new cultures - 1 popular station.
  • Every hour is different, with new DJ's emerging all the time.
  • Loads of different genre's on one station - learn about music!
  • Worldwide set of presenters, from Europe - USA, Australasia - Asia.
  • If you ever get the erg, you can do your own show for free!
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